Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cardiac Rehab Graduation!

I graduated Cardiac Rehab February 25th. I was the youngest to complete the program (29 years) and I took the longest (September 2010-February 2011). LOL I am really going to miss them because they were wonderful. I made some really good friends while there and gained my confidence back. I can not say enough how much cardiac rehab helped me. I was able to see all that I could do while hooked up to a monitor that proved it to me. That is such a blessing for someone that has suffered two heart attacks. I had to do the 6 minute walk, just like I did at my first visit. I walked so many laps just because I felt good that I could. I was super walking! :) I could not help but remember my first walk on my first day of rehab. I was terrified. I felt off balance because I had been "taking it easy" for a month and felt so nervous that my heart rate would increase and I would have another MI. I remember telling the nurse, Tammy, that I was so scared and she said that was to be expected. That was such a relief to me. I remember walking so slowly and coming in the room and asking if everything was okay while I walked. I have come a long way in the 36 visits and I would recommend cardiac rehab to everyone that has had any heart setback. You will not regret it!!!