Friday, February 4, 2011

6 months

My sweet little Ryleigh turned 6 months on Wednesday so I know that my "6 month anniversary" for my first heart attack is around the corner as well as my "6 month anniversary" for my second heart attack. I sure was busy! :)

I have not posted in a while because I have been super busy but I have my moments. Most of the time I forget what happened in August. It will hit me and I am like "Did that really happen?". Praise the Lord I feel well. Here lately I have been dealing with the emotional side of this a little more than usual. Not sure why it just now started to happen? I really thought I had dealt with this and worked through the emotions but I guess you have to work through new emotions too. They are nothing bad but they do make me think about those days a lot more. PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS HEALING AND LOVE!!!! TO HIM BE ALL THE GLORY!

I only have 5 more visits left at Cardiac Rehab. I am going to miss them. Especially Tammy the nurse. She has been WONDERFUL! I have made some very good friends there. It is nice to have people to relate to since none of my friends have gone through this! Everyone is so sweet! I am excited about being the youngest graduate they have ever had! :) There better be some cake or something! LOL