Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Life

If you didn't know my story, you wouldn't believe it by looking at me or being around me. I sometimes forget that it happened. That is SUCH a blessing because the Lord has healed my heart. I was blessed to have my heart return to "above normal" heart function before I was discharged from the hospital. That is nothing short of the Lord. My day to day is basically like it was before SCAD. I do have to take medication in the morning and at night and periodically check my blood pressure but other than that I am pretty much the same Jessica as I was before. Actually better in my opinion.

I eat healthy (most of the time but I do have a weak spot for sweets!) and always have but have really stepped it up since I am aware of the importance of it on the heart. I work out more than I did prior to SCAD. I was blessed with not ever having to really be concerned with my weight prior to SCAD and that is even after having a child. Good genes I guess! But after SCAD I had to step up my workouts. I was originally walking/jogging 3 miles a day, 3-5 days a week but then there would be a couple weeks that I wouldn't. I recently joined Fitness Boot Camp and I work out 3 days a week for an hour. I love it! I love to feel strong and especially do after what my body has endured. I don't know but the heart attacks really lit a fire beneath me to embrace the health that I have, that I really took for granted before. I think that is probably the case for anyone that has had a health scare. Something that you once never even thought of becomes so precious to you and you want to do it simply because you can!

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